amusement park rides safety tipsWhen it comes to Amusement Park Rides Safety, I am sure you have heard enough about amusement park safety regulations and amusement park rules.

In fact:

Research by CPSC showed there is no safest amusement rides in the world.

If you are looking for some practical tips that you can use to keep your kids safe while riding the amusement rides today, then you will love this infographic.

The best part?

We cover 21 amusement park rides safety tips that can help significantly in saving your kids life.

Whether you are the amusement rides user or amusement park owner, this is an important checklist that you must read.

Let us dive in:

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Here’s My Take On The Amusement Park Rides Safety From The Infographic:

1. Always Remove All Jewelry And Any Life Threatening Sharp Objects in The Pockets Before Riding.


Children sometimes forget to remove their jewelry before using the amusement rides.

Jewelry may injure them when they swing with them.

To avoid such injuries, they should remove all their jewelry and anything that is in their pockets before sitting on the amusement rides.

2. Do Not Use The Amusement Rides When You Are Under The Influence Of Drugs And Alcohol

Don't drink when riding amusement rides

Drugs or alcohol use may impair your judgment.

To ensure that your kids are safe while using the amusement rides, you should never try to combine alcohol with amusement rides.

In the past, many children who have been drinking have been hurt while riding on park rides.

3. Teach Children How To Respond To Emergencies


Although most parents take with their small kids to the amusement park.

This is quite important for kids between the age of 4 years and 14 years.

They should also learn to dial the Emergency Phone to report the urgent matter or alert the public that there is something wrong.

This will Accelerate the rescue process.

4. Wear Appropriate Clothing For Riding

Wear Appropriate Clothing For Riding

Most children especially for boys wear the drawstrings.

Such clothes are potentially dangerous when it comes to sitting on an amusement rides because the strings might get tied to the safety netting holes and may swing the child to injuries.

For example , the below video, show the man was swing out from the amusement rides.


To prevent such injuries, your kids must wear clothes free of the drawstring while riding the amusement rides.

5. Fasten The Seatbelt And Double Check Before The Amusement Rides Running


There are many kids die due to the amusement rides seatbelt accident.

Girls seat belt fails on oblivion rollercoaster

The Bottom Line Is:

Fasten safety equipment such as seatbelts, shoulder harnesses and lap bars before the ride begins.

Stay in the ride and keep all safety equipment fastened until the ride comes to a complete stop and the ride operator instructs people to exit.

6. All Children Must Be Supervised By An Adult While Playing The Amusement Rides

Children Must Be Supervised By Adult

Children are curious about everything and always want to determine something by themselves, especially in the absence of an adult.

When it comes to amusement rides, they will try out if they could do some movement that they watched on YouTube, the end result is that your child may lose control and fall off the amusement rides.

When kids is accompanied by an adult, they will be monitored how to sit on the amusement rides and being ceased whenever they start doing any potentially dangerous moves.

7. Always Check To Make Sure That There Is No Object Under The Amusement Rides Before Using It

It is common:

Children may sometimes put their object underneath the amusement rides when you are not aware.

It is therefore very important that you check under the amusement rides to make sure that there is totally nothing that may pose potential danger while they are playing on the amusement rides.

If they land on any object under the amusement rides they will automatically get injured.

Also check to make sure that there is no child throwing any object from the amusement rides.

By doing this, you will be preventing unnecessary accidents.

8. Teach Your Kids About Amusement Rides Safety

It is the responsibility of every parent to ensure that kids are well conversant with all amusement park safety regulations.

As a general rule, kids should only play kids rides that are designated for them.

Don’t Force Kids on Scary Rides.

Let your kids understand that they should not play thrill rides that scares them.

Also, do not let your children stand near the amusement rides to avoid potential incidents.

You can see the below video, the men stands too close to the running flying chair and were hurt by accidents.


9. Play the Amusement Rides That Get Operation License

Operation License

According to NYC, people must have a License before running Portable carnival rides and stationary amusement rides to the public.

Unqualified rides always accompany with high risk of accidents.

Remember to check if the amusement rides operators have any certificate of competence.

10. Train Your Children to Always Use The Amusement Rides Ladder While Getting Into And Out of The Amusement Rides

Use The Amusement Rides Ladder

Children may even want to jump in and out of the amusement rides.

To be on the safe side, they should at all times use the amusement rides ladder to step in the amusement rides and also use it while coming out of the amusement rides.

11. Always Check To Make Sure That The Surface of Amusement Rides Is Free Of Any Moisture Or Snow Your Children Use It.

Free Of Any Moisture

During rainy or winter season, the surface of amusement rides are slippery and the children are likely to slip when they use it that way.

This may lead to deadly injuries.

To avoid this, always make sure that the amusement rides is totally dry before your children use it.

The amusement rides seats should also not have hole in it as holes are also dangerous. If the Surface of amusement rides is worn out, replace it with a good quality one of the same size.

12. You Should Have Life-Saving Kit On Hand

Life-Saving Kit

A life-saving kit is an important safety measure that you must not ignore.

Again, having a first aid kit does not mean that you could sit back and relax.


Just ensure your kids are under active supervision at all times to avoid any incidents.

13. Purchase Good Quality Safety Net To Enclose Your Amusement Rides

Safety Net To Enclose Amusement Rides

Safety net is very helpful in preventing your children from not only hitting hard components like the springs or frame.

It will also prevent them from falling off the amusement rides and stop them from hitting the ground.

14. Follow The Recommended Installation Procedure

Follow The Recommended Installation Procedure


Most people ignore the recommended installation procedure and throw the manual away.

This is really dangerous.

It may result in accidents.

You must follow the recommended amusement rides installation process.

15. Put up a Sign Post Indicating Danger and Basic Instructions

Sign Post with Danger

According to IAAPA, most amusement rides accidents occur due to visitors did not obey the restrictions.

You need to remind kids about the dangers of not following instructions.

An obvious sign post with relevant information will act as a reminder to them.

That is, it will remind them of all safety rules, thus, there will be no accidents.

16. Your Amusement Rides Must Adhere To Local Ordinances And Codes

Local Ordinances

There are international and locally set of construction codes set to ensure safety of amusement rides users.

Take for instance, the Oregon’s Statewide Building Code Division, clearly highlights the various ASTM standards for amusement rides.

For park owners, it is important to purchase the amusement rides from a reputable amusement rides supplier with verified and approved manufacturing process.

You can request for quality test certificates just to be sure that their products meet your local regulations and standards.

17. Regularly Inspect Your Amusement Rides

Regularly Inspect amusement rides

Regular inspection is an important amusement park rides safety procedure.

There are 10 Standard Guide for Amusement Rides Inspection that you could refer to.

The inspection consists of inspecting the mechanical components of the ride for wear and proper maintenance.

You should inspect the following key parts:

  • Steel frame
  • Locking mechanisms
  • Seat materials – FRP
  • Music and LED systems
  • Hydraulic control system
  • Safety accessories

18. You Can Consider Setting Up a Fence

Setting Up a Fence

A fence is a common amusement rides barrier in entertainment setups.

Basically, they will act as a barrier between the amusement rides area and the external environment.

This will prevent kids from accessing the amusement rides without permission.

19. Amusement Rides Locking Mechanism

amusement rides Locking Mechanism

The lock plays an important role when it comes to amusement park safety.

With a proper lock, you will be able to control the people who play the amusement rides.

Therefore, it will make it impossible for kids to access without permission.

This is a sure way to guarantee amusement rides safety at all times.

There are amusement rides lock guidelines that you must adhere to.

Always assess the condition of the lock to ensure it is not faulty.

20. Adopt A Proper Care And Maintenance Procedure

amusement rides Maintenance

Well, all amusement rides are designed to last for long service life.

But, how will this be possible if you don’t have a proper amusement rides maintenance process?

You need to keep it clean and ensure every section is functioning as stated in the product manual.

With these in mind, your amusement rides should guarantee safety at all cost.

21. Do Not Install The Amusement Rides Near Trees, Poles or Fences Which a Child May Hit in Case of a Harsh Play

Accessibility of The Amusement Rides Area

While installing the amusement rides, ensure that your amusement rides is away from trees or walls.

When children swing too high and fall off the amusement park rides, the presence of trees and walls may increase the severity of the injuries.

If you want to decorate your amusement rides, it is best to use temporary elements.

It will be easy and save your money to access the work.

By installing your amusement rides away from such structures you will be doing your kids a favor by making the environment safer for your children to have fun.

Conclusion For The Amusement Park Rides Safety Tips

Amusement rides is great for having fun and even better for fitness, fun and happy times.

Unfortunately, falling off the amusement rides may result in life changing injuries, paralysis and even loss of life.

Many of these injuries can be avoided.

It is therefore very important that you act on these 21 simple safety tips to make amusement rides palying a safe and enjoyable experience for your children at all times.

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