Cost of Amusement Park RidesIf you’ve ever wondered:

“How much is the cost of amusement park rides?”

“How to get the best deal of carnival rides?”

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We cover 3 main factors that will show you EXACTLY how to get the best deal of amusement park rides for your business.

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Getting the best deal of amusement park rides cost

Getting the best deal of amusement rides is one of the most challenging thing for people who wish to open an amusement park.

In fact, this deal is normally based on three key factors: cost, quality and commitment.

Essentially, if you are looking for China manufacturers that offer the best deal in amusement rides industry, you need to consider the following:

  • Cost – manufacturing and transportation cost should be affordable. This is important for both park owners and resellers.
  • Quality – choice of materials, quality testing criteria and reliability.
  • Commitment – timely delivery and after sales services.

This will determine the amount of profit you will make no matter you’re the park owner or reselling the amusement park rides.

Cost of Amusement Park Rides

frp application in amusement rides seats

Cost of amusement park rides is determined by various manufacturing variables.

There are two costs you need to pay attention to: cost of material and labor.

For a fact, most of these costs range between $9,000 and $360,000.

This is one of the most affordable market price as compared to other manufacturing companies in Europe and America.

This cost varies depending on both size and accessories that you’d wish the company to incorporate in the final design.

Shipping Cost of Amusement Park Rides

shipping amusement rides from China

Companies such as Sinorides mainly use FCL shipping.

This reduces the shipping costs to about $5000 to $26,000.

Moreover, the company delivers amusement park rides to the client’s door step.

Another integral factor to consider when you want to get a best amusement park rides cost from China is:

Quality of Amusement Park Rides


Remember, it is the raw materials that decides the quality of amusement park rides.

Without the high grade raw materials, it will be impossible for superior amusement park rides.

In short, before begin amusement park rides manufacturing process, ensure your suppliers produce them with qualified raw materials.

It could also save your time and money on repairs and after-sales affairs.

Quality Test of Amusement Park Rides

amusement rides full loading test

There are lots of Amusement Park Rides Manufacturers saying their products are great quality.

The ugly truth is some unqualified Amusement Rides Suppliers Do Not test their products before delivery.

But here’s the big question:

If you’re a beginner, buying from overseas, how can you REALISTICALLY know on the side?

Quality Test could help you and it is an important factor that impact the amusement park rides cost.

There are 5 main operations you need to consider at this stage.

These include: Steel parts inspection, Welding parts inspection, FRP inspection, Painting inspection and Equipment testing.

Make sure the testing criteria of amusement park rides meet your local safety standards.

That is to say:

If your park in the European area, the testing criteria should meet the EN 13814:2004 standard.

Commitment of Amusement Park Rides

Amusement park winter

Chinese companies are known to offer the best discounts globally.

You can be lucky to get up to 10% discount or even more.

Most of these companies tend to offer incredible discounts during winter.

This is basically an offseason so the sales are somehow low.

This is mainly based on the principle of demand and supply.


Amusement park rides cost depends on so many factors.

However, to get the best deal in China, you need to go for a company you can trust, considering the costs, quality and commitment.

Covering the above 3 main factors you may get the best deal with the company and save a lot of money.

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