Definite Guide to Amusement Rides Manufacturing ProcessAmusement rides manufacturing is a series process that includes several steps.

Generally, each step decides the quality of the final product.

In this guide, We will lead you through a step-by-step procedure that will make you understand every stage involved.

It is simple and easy to understand.

Whether you are the amusement park rides distributor or amusement park owner, this is an important file that you must read.

Let us dive in:

Step #1: Choose Right Materials

Any manufacturing technique starts with the right raw materials.

Without these raw materials, it will be impossible for any amusement park rides fabricating process.

Remember, it is the raw materials that decides the cost of amusement park rides.

In fact, suppliers that use raw materials at a cheaper price will sell their carnival rides or amusement rides at a relatively cheaper price.

let us focus on key materials we use to produce amusement rides.

We use the Fiber-reinforced Fiberglass as the primary material for all our amusement rides and carnival rides.


Sinorides Fiber-reinforced Fiberglass

Since 1992, Sinorides has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of amusement park rides in Asia and South America.

The main advantages of amusement park rides include:

  • High impact resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and reliable
  • Eco-friendly

In short, before begin amusement rides manufacturing process, ensure you have enough Fiber-reinforced Fiberglass.

For Sinorides, this is never a problem.

We have enough Fiber-reinforced Fiberglass at our disposal.

Step #2: Design and Technical Drawing

Designing is an important step in the amusement park rides manufacturing process.

It includes combining all ideas together with an target of complete product – amusement rides.

In fact, we a have a wide range of amusement park rides designs to choose from.


Amusement rides designs

This is the only way amusement rides will be considered safe for use.

At this step, you need to work closely with our technical team.

It is the only way they will conceptualize all your ideas to come up with a technical drawing.

As the technical depart shall decide the following issues:

  • Accurate sizes (dimensions) of the amusement rides – it is an important aspect in amusement park rides specification.
  • Make your amusement rides and park design details visible.

Generally, you will have three versions of amusement park rides design:

  • Schematic drawing – a sketch of amusement park rides design.
  • Design development – this is a further detail plan of the amusement rides.
  • Final plan – this is the last step of amusement rides drawing.

It contains all the details info of the amusement park rides.

You could have a complete amusement rides design through this stage.

Step #3:Under Production

There are 3 main operations you need to consider at this stage.

These include:

Fiberglass Manufacturing, Steel structure Manufacturing and Assembling

Fiberglass Manufacturing

As you begin the amusement rides manufacturing process, you have to shape Fiberglass.

This may involve:

  • Cutting fiberglass into various sizes based on the design requirements.
  • fiberglass polishing 
  • fiberglass painting

Process of fiberglass fabrication

Process of Fiberglass Fabrication

NOTE: Take accurate measurements at every step.

This is to avoid unnecessary wastage of fiberglass.

Steel Structure Manufacturing

Steel structure Manufacturing involves a series of processes.

Depending of your amusement park rides, you may consider the following:

  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • CNC machining
  • Debarring
  • Bending

In each of these processes, be sure to get the right tool and equipment for each task.

Digital cutting machine

Digital cutting machine for fabricating amusement rides

In every process, you need to carry out all the necessary finishing operations.

That is, remove all unwanted sections and give the final surface an appealing look.

For example, cutting surface may leave sharp edges.

This can be dangerous as it may cut the technicians during the installation process.

This is not what we want.

All our products should be safe.

Amusement Rides Assembling

Assembling includes control system and other parts Assembled together.It also includes painting.

assembling of amusement rides

Assembling process for amusement rides

The painting work is handled by painter manually and finished in dust-free baking varnish rooms.

The LED lights on the amusement rides are installed as many as possible to make it brilliant and attractive in the night.

Step #4:Tests and Quality Validation

At this stage, you should have your amusement park rides ready.

However, before packing the amusement rides, testing and quality validation is an important process in amusement rides manufacturing process.

There are 5 main operations you need to consider at this stage.

These include: Steel parts inspection, Welding parts inspection, FRP inspection, Painting inspection and Equipment testing

Let us split these operations with details.

1.Steel Parts Inspection

Amusement Rides Steel parts inspection

Amusement Rides Steel parts inspection

When you begin the amusement rides testing process, you have to make sure that 

  • The size of the steel parts should be processed according the drawing and data from technical dept.
  • No rust, No burr with the appearance of the steel parts.
  • Steel parts surface should be daubed with anti rust liquid to prevent rust.

2. Welding parts inspection

amusement rides parts welding

Amusement Rides Welding parts inspection

Amusement rides parts welding decides how the amusement rides performance.

Honestly, a qualified factory could finish this process by workers who have the Certificate of Welder.

The bottom line for Welding parts inspection:

  • No crack.
  • Weld between adjacent welding layer and must be fully fusion between weld and parent metal.
  • All welds should be tidy, neat, uniform texture and smooth

For Sinorides, this is never a problem.

We have certificated welders ensure the welding process in accordance with the National Standards GB8408-2008.

3. FRP Inspection

FRP is the Fibre-reinforced plastic, it is also called fibre-reinforced polymer.

It is the primary material for all our amusement rides and carnival rides, you can see it in the amusement rides seats.

frp application in amusement rides seats

FRP Application in Amusement Rides Seats

The main process for FRP Inspection:

  • Embedded part inspection.
  • Teppanning inspection.
  • Appearance inspection.

amusement rides frp materials inspection

Amusement Rides FRP Inspection

4. Painting Inspection

Amusement Rides paintings inspection

Amusement Rides Painting Inspection

Painting is NOT just decorate amusement rides, it also protect amusement rides from rust and corrosion.

Traditional painting materials and processes can have harmful effects on the environment.

At Sinorides, we use Low-VOC paint to make amusement rides more eco-friendly and safe to amusement park visitors, especially safer to kids.

The bottom line for Painting inspection:

  • No crack, pore, shrinkage cavity or leakage.
  • The appearance of the painting should be level off, smooth and plump.
  • Daub thickness is consistent.

5.Equipment Testing

Remember, every amusement rides should have test processing for

  • Empty Loading Testing, testing time not less than 8 hours.

Amusement Rides Empty Loading Testing

Manual and Automic model, under each model, empty loading testing time not less than 8 hours.

  • Full Loading Testing, testing time at least 8 hours every day, Not less than 80 hours continuously.

amusement rides full loading test

Full loading testing time Not less than 8 hours every day, Not less than 80 hours continuously.

Step #5: Pack The Product for Shipment

This is the last step of amusement rides manufacturing process.

You need to pack every amusement park rides component in the shipping box.

More importantly, mark side that should face up plus all the necessary instructions.

amusement rides package

A packed amusement rides ready for shipping 

Well, the process may seem easy, however, if you don’t have the right knowledge, it could be a nightmare.

Amusement park owners do not need to worry about this issue.

You will get all the Sinorides amusement park rides delivered to your park site.

Sinorides has one of the most reliable and convenient shipping process.


Generally, amusement park rides manufacturing process involves these 5 basic steps.

These include choose right materials, design & technical drawing , manufacturing, quality test and packing.

Actually, the process is not finished until the park owner receives the final amusement rides and have them installed.

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