30m Ferris Wheel for sale

30M Ferris Wheel for sale


Type: 30m Ferris Wheel Rides

Capacity: 80 person

Voltage: 380V

Power: 12kw

Height: 30m


42m Ferris Wheel for sale



Type: 42m Ferris Wheel Rides

Capacity: 96 person

Voltage: 380V

Power: 12kw

Height: 42m


52m Ferris Wheel for sale

Sinorides 50M Ferris Wheel for sale


Type: 52m Ferris Wheel Rides

Capacity: 144 person

Voltage: 380V

Power: 22kw

Height: 52m


65m Ferris Wheel for sale



Type: 65m Ferris Wheel Rides

Capacity: 216 person

Voltage: 380V

Power: 23kw

Height: 65m


88m Ferris Wheel for sale

88m giant ferris wheel for sale


Type: 88m Ferris Wheel for sale

Capacity: 324 person

Voltage: 380V

Power: 39.2kw

Height: 88m


115m Ferris Wheel for sale



Type: 115m Ferris Wheel Rides for sale

Capacity: 384 person

Voltage: 380V

Power: 35.2kw

Height: 115m


120m Ferris Wheel for sale

120M Giant Ferris Wheel for sale


Type: 120m Ferris Wheel Rides for sale

Capacity: 360 person

Voltage: 380V

Power: 55kw

Height: 120m


Sinorides Giant Ferris Wheel Rides for sale Video

Sinorides Giant Ferris Wheel Rides for sale Video
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     Certificates such as SGS, CE, ISO can also be a proof of our quality.

Sinorides Certi

Our slogan of the Sinorides brand is “Make Amusement Park Investment more successful“.

We also have a series of tests on complex climates, our amusement rides keep normal after rainy days.

rainy test

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What is more, I am very impressed by Mike, he is really professional and helpful, who helps save me a lot of time.

John, manager of Fun Valley


1.Professional design team is available to provide consult & design service to you, which help you solve the modelling problem.

2.On site measurement team could be sent to your park place to take full measurement for you.


Sinorides team take measurements for African client park on site.

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Benefits of Sinorides Ferris Wheel Rides for sale

  • From 20m to 120mm in height, from 48 seats to 408 seats in capacity, Sinorides provides a big range of ferris wheel for sale, in which you will find yours.
  • Besides delivering high-performance and reliable amusement rides, we transfer our expertise of running a great amusement park.
  • We also constantly provide tailored amusement park design to meet the demands of worldwide customers.

Features of Sinorides Giant Ferris Wheel Rides for sale

  • Equipped with special control systems to operation, humanized mechanical design to suit your amusement park needs.
  • Manufactured with high grade fiberglass reinforce plastic and Steel, eco-friendly and high safety for amusement park visitors.
  • Sinorides can customize the color, height and seats according to the requirements of amusement park owners.
  • Sinorides Ferris Wheel for sale is available for various heights and seats to choose from.
ferris wheel rides for sale

Our Amusement Rides Partners

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