Importing Amusement Park Rides from ChinaAre you a distributor or park owner who needs amusement rides?

Importing amusement park rides from China has been a feasible option for park owners in other countries.

This is due to a wide range of benefits that We will discuss shortly.

Here is why you should consider importing amusement rides from China.

1. Import Amusement Park Rides from China are Affordable



China amusement rides manufacturer sell amusement rides at an affordable price.

In addition to the price, you will spend between $900 and $8,000 to get the product to your door step.

Hardly will you find such rates in either the U.S.A. or Europe.

I know you may begin to wonder why we have reduced our prices this much.

This is because we have advantage on raw materials – fiber reinforced plastics and stainless steel.

In fact, China is one of the leading hub centers of stainless steel.

Other foreign companies purchase these raw materials from China.

Moreover, the source of labor is relatively inexpensive here in China.

Even the American companies assemble their products in China.


The production cost in China is quite low.

2. Importing Gives Your Business Price Advantage over Competitors in the Local Market


Here is the truth:

Every park owner in the Amusement Rides industry will be more interested in the price benefit over competitors.

But, how can you achieve this?

You can buy Amusement Rides directly from the factory in China.

The bottom line is:

You need to avoid middlemen and brokers whose goal is to profit from any deals involved.

Again, before purchasing for amusement rides, you got to put all this into consideration.

That is, buying price, transportation and the amount paid to middlemen.

By sourcing for these Amusement Rides at a lower price, you will make a reasonable return on investment (ROI).

3. A Convenient and Timely Delivery Process to You


It is well known:

There exists a reliable and trustworthy shipping and delivery system in China.

You will get all the Amusement Park Rides parts within the scheduled time.

Sinorides uses Full Container Load (FCL) shipping.

This is quite convenient for people who order for large sizes of Amusement Park Rides.

You don’t have to worry about any logistics after making all payments.

We will deliver all amusement park rides to your door step.

This is really convenient for any business.

We will also update you on the shipping process.

4. You Have Access to a Wide Range of Options and Park Designs

Sinorides Algeria Amusement Park Project

Sinorides Algeria Amusement Park Project


There are wide ranges of Amusement Park Rides designs.

This actually forms one of the main reasons for importing Amusement Park Rides from China.

You have so many alternatives to choose from.

In fact, you can go for even the customized park designs too.

Middlemen or brokers will try to push you to purchase what they have at their hand.

This is not how it should be.

Reliable amusement rides manufacturer will design and fabricate a unique Amusement Park Rides that meets your individual park situation.

5. Secure Payment System for Amusement Rides

Secure Payment System for Amusement Rides

Security of payments is a priority before cooperation.


There are many China Amusement Rides manufacturers accepting L/C, T/T, West Union and Paypal.

They don’t share your info with anyone.

That is, your name, credit card details and amount of payments, among other personal information.

It gets better:

You can also visit the factory in China before wire your money to the supplier.

6. Deal with The Amusement Rides Manufacturer Directly

Choose the amusement rides factory

Here is the truth:

A number of Amusement Park Rides in both the American and European markets are manufactured in China.

Normally, you will find that it is an American company, then it has a subsidiary company in China.

So, why don’t you deal with the China Amusement Rides manufacturers directly?

Remember, dealing with the manufacturing company directly gives you an opportunity to:

  • Get the best Amusement Rides prices
  • Request for customized designs or options.
  • Claim for a warranty easily in case of any defects.

Again, this could also give you more business opportunities.

That is, you could be their sales representative or OEM partner thus, importing Amusement Rides in bulk with discounts.

7. Reducing Operational Costs for The Manufacturing Process

Reducing Operational Costs for The Manufacturing Process

Starting an Amusement Rides manufacturing company can really expensive.

That is, you need to:

  • Import required raw materials in case your country does not have enough. Remember, if the demand for raw materials is high, then you will have to pay more.
  • Investing in research and testing equipment/facility.
  • Hire labor – technicians
  • Set up a manufacturing company and other logistics involved.

Why don’t you let China Amusement Rides manufacturers do all these for you?

This will help you reduce all Amusement Rides operational costs associated with this process.

As a matter of fact, importing Amusement Rides from China can be a profitable business as opposed to starting your own.

8. Chinese Companies are Known for Their Efficiency

Chinese Companies are Known for Their Efficiency

Well, this is a fact that we can not neglect.

In China, professional amusement park rides manufacturers have adopted a fast and convenient way to ensure clients get the tailored design within the specified time.

Take for example the process involved when you want to order an Amusement Rides:

  • Contact sales & technical teams with all information about the Amusement Rides.
  • Make a payment of 30% of the total amount.
  • Supplier process your order and get back to you (shortest time possible)
  • You pay the remaining amount – 70%.
  • Supplier ship amusement park rides to your door step.
  • You inspect and certify it is exactly what you need.

That is why most suppliers in both America and Europe come to China when the demand for Amusement Rides is high.

That is, when spring is just about to begin.

Isn’t this what we call efficiency?

Of course, it is.

9. Easy And Simple Importation Process – No Special Licenses Required

customs duty imports

It gets better:

There is no requirement of special licenses for importing Amusement Park Rides from China.

In China, we don’t have trade barriers like most countries in Europe and America.

Again, you don’t have to worry about custom or trade regulations.

China suppliers handles all these logistics for you.

All we need is the right specifications of the Amusement Rides, make all the necessary payments and provide your address.

Your order will be processed and shipped to your door step.

10. Amusement Park Rides Comply with International Safety Standard

This is the main reason why we can sell our amusement rides globally.

We manufacture all our amusement park rides according to the local safety standards of clients.

Remember, all products must be tested and quality verified before shipping.

11. Have a Direct Channel of Distribution

Channel of Amusement Rides Distribution


Importing amusement rides directly from China will give you a chance of distribution.

This is an important aspect for amusement rides business.

As a matter of fact, your business will easily expand locally and it will also guarantee more profits.

Remember, our amusement park rides are also affordable.

So, this will be like a bonus.

12. Expanding Your Amusement Park Rides Business

Expanding Your Amusement Park Rides Business

Here is the deal:

Buying amusement rides from China will help you to develop.

That is, you will begin to get more business opportunities in amusement industry.

You may not only buy the amusement rides, but be a sales representative or learn how to install amusement park rides.

We always want to work with local distributors and customers.

So we can train you on various maintenance and installation processes.

Moreover, you can also get custom designs of amusement rides.

The fact is, you will get access to a broad market of amusement rides and accessories.


In short, importing amusement park rides from China has quite a number of benefits.

As you can see, whether you are park owner or products distributor, there is a higher chance that you will benefit a lot.

Do you have any questions on how to go about this process?

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