How to Save Over $10,000 with Sinorides Amusement RidesHonestly, we stay in a loose market in which companies will have their particular rate tags on amusement rides products.

This relies upon on their strategy. i do not debate this reality, as every company has its kind of business plan.

This is pretty clear inside the amusement rides industry.

Each organization strives to provide the excellent products.

In fact, it is essential to have the following key factors in thoughts –quality, price competitiveness, reliability and performance.

A company that balances all these integral factors, will definitely have a fair share of the market.

Thailand Amusement Park Rides Project

Basically, this explains why Sinorides has been one of the leading suppliers of amusement rides in both Asia and South America.

A fact that other competitors do not want to accept.

As Mike, the CEO of Sinorides, notes it – “Welcome to our field of amusement park rides, high-quality manufacturing process, superior design, installation and maintenance.”

What we are doing is trying to make amusement park investment more successful.

fun valley self control Plane 16P

Sinorides fun valley park project

Through teamwork, Sinorides has managed to expand its international market.

But, how has the company achieved this?

Sinorides Guarantees Significant Cost Saving – Over $100,000

As I pointed earlier, we talk about fair competition.

I have not seen a reason for debate when a company decides to cut its prices by over 40% (from 200,000 to 89,999) to ensure every park owner affords amusement rides.


Sinorides reduce amusement rides prices by about 45%

This is a fact we cannot flee from, when you compare Sinorides amusement rides to European you will be shocked!

Well, go ahead and request for a quote from our competitors – Sinorides jumping circle rides $89,999 vs. European $400,000.

This is just an example.

What did you find out?

Feel free to share it with me.

So, you may have this question:

What exactly brings about this price difference of similar amusement rides?

They know it better.

I am sure, they will have so many reasons to clarify this issue:

  • Chinese factories produce low grade amusement rides.
  • In China there are no so many laws, regulations and taxes.
  • Chinese companies steal others products, etc.

Let us be honest here, and have the courage to reveal the fact.

Anyone who has bought an iPad, iPhone might see the note on the back side labelling that its products are designed in California. But that does not mean they are manufactured there.

Manufacturing an iPhone in the United States would cost about $65 more than manufacturing it in China, where it costs an estimated $8.

Cost modelling of ‘Made In China’ versus ‘Made In The West’Cost modelling of ‘Made In China’ versus ‘Made In The West’.

Is not iPhone a high end product that everyone wants to have?

In fact, the cost of manufacturing amusement rides is quite low in China.

It is the reason why our amusement park rides are much affordable than those manufactured in Europe or America.

To be honest, many foreign brands have their products assembled in China.

In short, the availability of labor and access to raw materials are some of the main reasons we sell our amusement rides lower than European made.

What is more, importing amusement rides from China is convenient, easy and safe.

Sinorides uses the FCL shipping for large amusement rides which occupies large space.

Still, when you add all these, it can get to over $200,000 (Euroepan price per amusement rides).

The bottom line is, Sinorides has some of the best deals in the market.

Price vs. Quality of Sinorides Amusement Rides

Who claims that Chinese products are fake or unqualified?

Again, do they have any proof to support their opinions?

I am shocked!

Please, if by any chance you have seen a unqualified amusement park rides manufactured from China, you can share the information with me.

abandoned ship rides

An image of a pirate ship rides that has been abandoned

Sinorides amusement rides are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards.

Both international and local standards.

In fact, amusement rides are inspected before being installed in both domestic and foreign markets.

difference for Sinorides amusement rides

So, how does the claims about quality come from?

After all, all Sinorides amusement rides are manufactured from solid fiberglass and not hollow plastics as most of our competitors.

All debates about unqualified products is unsubstantiated.

In fact, Sinorides provides All-in-one amusement park service from $0 with a 1-year amusement rides warranty.

With this, you will definitely save a large amount of money for amusement park investment.

Sinorides Has a Professional Amusement Rides Support Team

When you need a standard or tailored amusement rides, your budget matters a lot.

Whether you need Sinorides standard or customized designs for amusement park rides.

Our technical team will be there to assist throughout the entire process.


Sinorides team take measurements for African client park on site.

That is, from design work, measurement on site, fabrications to the actual installation of amusement rides.

All these aim to help amusement park owners save a reasonable cost of money.


Sinorides amusement park rides are affordable with high quality.

This is a company that promises to “make amusement park investment more successful.”

Competing for clients and market is what most competitors are struggling with, but it is a promise Sinorides made to meet amusement park needs.

Remember, your amusement park investment success is what we strive to achieve.

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