5 Signs That Show Your Amusement Rides Need ReplacementLet us be clear about something:

Amusement rides could not run forever with no damages.

Instead, you’re going to fix or even replace it in some cases.

Here we list 5 main indications that show it is now time to replace amusement rides.

Let’s dive right in.

1. A Change in Technology to Replace Amusement Rides

How about the technology developed so far?

The truth is:

It has evolved from manually to automatically operated amusement rides.

Some rides are equipped with Signal Processing System, thus, the control systems can open and close automatically.

Apart from these, the VR and AR systems amusement rides have also been created.

In fact, the main aim of technology development in the amusement rides industry is to improve visitors experience and theme park performance.

The main aim of technology change is reducing operational costs.

An amusement rides that feature the latest technology will be more cost effective and reliable.

In the past, park owners mainly depended on old control systems to keep the rides running.

This was quite inefficient.

They might also use wood seats.

Wood cannot resist high impact or loading.

This situation could even be worse when the wood cracks.

You have to replace the seats of amusement rides with wood cracks.

This forced people to replace all these with fiberglass reinforced plastic seats.

In other words, you may replace these amusement rides when you need to upgrade.

2. When Amusement Rides Material Gets Worn Out

abandoned ship rides
You have to replace amusement rides when it is worn out.

Fiberglass or other material such as steel is not inert to chemical reaction.

When they get into contact with certain materials, they will corrode.

For example:

Strong acid or alkali substances could corrode the fiberglass and steel parts of amusement rides.

This reduces their effectiveness significantly.

In this case, you have to repair or replace the worn out parts.

3. Degradation of Amusement Rides in Regions with Extreme Weather


Frp and steel are durable.

But they will degrade with time and lose the desired performance ability.

Again, strong acids substances degrade amusement rides.

If your amusement park locate near areas that release acid gas in the atmosphere, the life span of amusement rides will be shorter.

Replace Amusement Rides under Degradation
Replace the amusement rides when it is degraded.

This is the same scenario in salty atmosphere, especially around ocean shores.

The joints may corrode thus, making the overall structure weak.

High temperature from the sun may cause warping, faded paint or dry rot.

In such situations, you have no option but to replace the amusement rides.

4. Replace Amusement Rides That Is Under Damage of Natural Calamities

Natural Calamities to amusement rides
You got to replace the amusement rides when it is under natural calamities damage.

Here is the deal:

Strong wind or hurricane could bring HUGE damage to any constructions, including theme park rides.

This will make the structure within the rides become weak.

A weak structured rides may be dangerous since it may lead incidents.

This can result in serious injuries to visitors.

At times, the control systems or seats may be damaged.

It is difficult to run the amusement park under such circumstances.

Again, you have no option but to replace the amusement rides.

5. It Could Be a Requirement to Conform to Changes in Building Codes

Amusement rides building codes is set to ensure safety of amusement rides users.

It is important to make your amusement rides adhere to local ordinances and codes.

Normally, a change in building codes and regulation may compel you to replace amusement rides.

Whenever a new regulation is enforced, you have no option but to replace these amusement rides.


Though you want to use amusement rides for a longer time, there are certain variables that change with time.

The whole idea of when to replace the amusement rides depend on these 5 main factors.

As a general rule, you got to replace amusement rides after assessing possible options and you are convinced it is the only option.

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