Where to Buy Carnival RidesYou are here because you want to know where to get a better deal for carnival rides.


Many park owners wonder how to buy carnival rides.

But many people find price of Europe rides too high.

They tend to seek amusement rides manufacturers China for alternatives.

You might be wondering:

There are thousands of carnival rides companies and how can i buy rides for my amusement park?

And in today post we will share with you four practical ways on where to buy carnival rides.

Here we go.

1. Contact The Carnival Ride Manufacturers To Buy Carnival Rides

Carnival Ride Manufacturers
Contact a carnival rides company that for accurate price.

It is the most reliable way to get the accurate carnival ride prices.

Now, you need to search the carnival rides suppliers online.

You can check through the industry directory to get a list of ride manufacturers.

Alternatively, you can use search engines such as Google, Bing or Baidu.

Locations of the carnival ride manufacturers is also important.

A search term such as “carnival rides manufacturers + China” will give you a list of videos, companies, products or news related to such term.

search carnival ride manufacturers with Bing
Use search term to find carnival ride manufacturers.

You need to review the company profile carefully.

Just require business license and ask if they have clients in your local market.

This could let you know the authenticity of carnival rides suppliers.

Normally, choose at least three to four different companies.

Visit their websites and request for a quotation.

You will either find a quotation form or send them an email through their websites.

Based on your country of residence and park situation, the company will tailor a carnival rides that meets your park needs.

You will be able to compare their prices and professionalism before choosing one that offer a fair deal from their feedback.

2. Visit Online Marketplaces Such As Global Source, Made-in-China or Alibaba

Alibaba Logo

B2B has been overdone, and research by FTC in 2012 showed that most buyers are not interested in using any more B2B platform.

Now, that does not mean you can not find suppliers on Alibaba at all.

Well, a number of companies have spent cost to B2B marketplaces to cover their targeted markets overseas.

Furthermore, these online marketplaces gives you an opportunity to compare various carnival amusement rides prices.

You just have to be careful with these platforms to buy carnival rides.

B2B has lowered their limitations for the suppliers.

That is why you have seen thousands of carnival rides companies and product pages on Alibaba, Global Source, Made-in-China and other online marketplace platforms.

You are going to have to read all the top results out there on B2B sites.

Send RFQs and figure out the best suppliers keeps touching on.

If the same results keep reappearing across the B2B sites, then you will need to filter them also, or else you will be omitting valuable information.

This is Crazy:

As some carnival rides companies and sales are not professional.

They may change the quotation several times in one day and answer your inquiry late.

You have to use new email and phone to avoid hundreds of pushing emails and phone calls at a time.

Sounds Complex, Huh?

Consider this and A step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how to find amusement rides manufacturers would carry you across those dark and stormy waters to the purchasing success.

3. Consider Researching On Various Amusement Rides Blogs

Amusement Rides Blogs


There are many information online such as how to import amusement rides.

Many companies and persons have their blogs to share industry info and knowledge.

You could find a lot of amusement rides blogs through search engines.

Here is How:

You could use the following search query on Google or Bing.

  • Amusement Park Blog
  • Amusement Rides Blog
  • Amusement Industry Blog
  • Amusement Rides Import Blog
  • Amusement Rides Industry Resource

Let us take the search term “Amusement Park Blog” for example.

You could type “Amusement Park Blog” into google and here is the result.

Search Amusement Park Blog with Google
Use search term to find Amusement Park Blogs.

Just check through the results and find valuable info for your park business.

This can save you the cost of hiring someone to do the work and give you even more insights on carnival amusement rides.

To save your time, this Top 50 Theme Park Blogs Roundup could get you quickly into amusement industry.

With such information, you will confidently find useful industry info based on research.

Thus, you could avoid being cheated when buying carnival rides.

4. Meet The Carnival Rides Companies In Amusement Expo

Meet The Carnival Rides Companies In Amusement Expo

In addition to the above 3 ways, there also one effective method to buy carnival rides.

Here is the deal:

You could attend amusement expo to have a face-to-face talk with the carnival rides company for your specific need.

Unlike Internet, exhibition gives you a really direct touch with the carnival rides suppliers.

But to remember:

In some cases, the exhibitors are NOT the real manufacturer.

They might be a trading company, as the limitations is not strict on exhibitors company types.

The Bottom Line Is:

Whatever type of carnival rides companies you have collected on expo, try to figure out if the companies are genuine and reliable.

You could refer to Chinese AIC company search website (National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System) to check the company identity.

Chinese AIC company search website
Use Chinese AIC web to search carnival rides company.

Do not just search the brand name, remember to use their real REGISTERED company name when checking.

Here Is The Trick:

Since the website language is Chinese, you might not find how to use it.

You can send the business license of carnival rides company to a reliable Chinese friend or who knows Chinese well for a check.

Or you could find a freelancer on Fiverr to make a company background check, which only costs little dollars.

It Gets Better:

Whenever you are going to buy carnival rides, check if the company has your local clients or park rides project.


It means the carnival rides company know your local market better and has a good reputation.


The bottom line is, you have to do some research before purchasing carnival rides.

You can do it by either visiting various blogs, online marketplaces or meet and requesting for a quotation directly from a manufacturing company.

With these 4 ways, you could have confidence on where to buy carnival rides.

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